I use a blend of Thai Massage and Shiatsu techniques. In both traditions the massage is received on a comfortable mat on the floor. Thai massage and Shiatsu are both deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Thai Massage uses stretching, rocking, compression, joint mobilizations and the working of energy lines (acupressure points). A Thai massage can be a very deep massage but it can also be very light when preferred or needed.

Thai massage is a centuries old practice that developed in Northern India thousands of years ago. It does not require a massage table, oils, or creams and the client does not need to undress for the massage. This healing art is still practiced in the temples of Thailand and households of Thai people every day and is an integral part of their culture. Thai massage can be done anywhere and only requires a soft mat to work on and, in some cases, pillows for comfort. Every body has different needs and because of that I do not simply practice a particular sequence. Your massage will be tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you need healing for a nerve impingement, a sprain, sore muscles or simply to experience a deeply relaxing and comforting massage I am happy to meet you where you are. You are welcome to book your appointment through the link below.

Be well and at ease,

Elizabeth Steadham
LMT #100799

Note: Hospital or hospice care will be different than a home visit. I will not use a mat. The therapy will be done at the bedside and in these cases oil or cream may or may not be used. The sessions will vary considerably according to what is needed. Please feel free to call or text me with any questions you may have.

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